Comprehensive International Business Planning
for Internationally Mobile Individuals and Companies.

The world is an ever increasingly complex environment for both individuals, corporate entities and trusts. It is also a world that has become increasingly global, with travel, communications and the ability to trade across international boundaries becoming far more common.

Whilst this brings great opportunities for both commerce and investment, it also brings challenges in terms of how best to structure affairs to maximize things such as tax efficiency and how best to structure a return on investment.

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Understand. Process. Solve.

Having listened to a client to fully understand their specific needs and requirements, Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC will work with different providers to develop a comprehensive strategic end solution that best serves the client’s interests.

Direct, Open and Straightforward

We believe that international business planning should be transparent and easy to navigate. Our business is built on three pillars that underpin all our interactions. We aim to always be:


We hold in delicate balance the process of facilitating international planning and providing approved fully regulated solutions. Our direct approach ensures that clients know that their interests are our priority.


A relationship is built on trust, and through being open with clients about their options, we can focus on putting the client first and providing the best solution


International business planning solutions can be a minefield of confusing terminology and complicated options. We work hard to make the process straightforward for our clients.

About Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC Ltd

Internationally exposed individuals and Corporates have varied, and often complicated, planning requirements.

As an International business with over 85 years of experience, we will assist with developing unique structures for each client’s circumstances.

Registered in Mauritius, Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC helps facilitate international business planning across a broad range of areas working predominantly in Europe, Latin America and South Africa. Read more about us.


What We Offer

Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC acts as the ‘go between’ for individuals and companies, guiding interested parties through the myriad of International Business Planning providers to connect them with the appropriate advisers to find for them a suitable solution.

Confidentiality is a key aspect of this work and as such clients are never directly named to third parties.

Our solutions are direct, open and straightforward. Our priority is ensuring that our clients find a solution that is, firstly, direct – that it perfectly matches their situation.

Secondly, that the solution is open – it is regulated and has been rigorously tested. And thirdly, that the solution is clear and straightforward for the client.




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We specialize in helping internationally mobile individuals and companies find a comprehensive solution to protect their financial interests, reduce tax liability and secure their financial future.