International Business Planning With Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC

Helping Internationally Mobile Individuals and Companies

WSS PCC Ltd is a protected cell company that is regulated by the Mauritian Financial Services Commission. The company is able to draw on over 85 years of industry experience to provide business and tax solutions via the creation of a protected cell for, both corporate entities, trusts and individuals.

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Business Planning
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The firm has a global reach specializing in working with a large range of clients from High Net Worth Individual’s (HNWI) through to Multi-National Corporations.

For HNWI’s the firm has worked with international sports people, sports clubs and entertainers worldwide focusing on image rights and intellectual property, and for Multi-national corporations’ employee benefits provision including group savings and retirement solutions.

Given the flexibility of the group structures these are particularly suitable and appropriate for affinity groups including seafarers, aviation crew, oil and gas workers, Non Government Organisations and globally mobile contract workers.

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