WSS PCC is a protected cell company established in Mauritius, via regulation from the Mauritius Financial Services Commission (MFSC). This allows WSS to create new, independent cells onto this structure with the authorisation of the MFSC.

The assets of each cell are independent of one another and there is no form of recourse from one cell against another. The attraction of this is that the structure is efficient and cost effective. In addition, it is not time consuming to establish a new cell on to the structure.

There are many reasons that a company, trust or individual may wish to establish a protected cell company.

An example of this is where WSS have worked with a number of corporate entities who have been looking to provide regular savings solutions for their employees, the PCC structure allows them to offer this option via salary sacrifice, whilst establishing a PCC to remove any liability from their own company balance sheet.

Another example would be utilizing a PCC for asset holding.

The PCC allows the holding and managing of assets (or portfolios of assets) ‘ring-fenced’ in different cells for such persons as high net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Here again, PCCs allow the spreading of risks and provides definite administrative cost advantages.

Each cell will have assets/liabilities attributed to it, and its assets cannot be used to meet the liabilities of any other cell, the non-cellular (core) assets possibly being available to meet the liabilities that cannot be attributed to any individual cell.

Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC Services

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