The Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC provides international financial intermediaries, private individuals and groups with access to specifically created and niche international business planning products.

Taking on the role as a facilitator the Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC is the link connecting international financial intermediaries and their clients with globally based international business product providers.

Our business is built upon the broad knowledge, experience and expertise of professionals who have collectively worked for over 85 years within the international business planing market.

These attributes have been acquired by engaging directly with clients whilst working at the UK Revenue – HMRC, global top ten accountancy firms, global insurance companies, international banks, investment houses and international property firms.

Who Are We

The Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC is registered in the UK and Mauritius. The markets that we operate in include Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and the Far East as well as the Americas’. Our principles have travelled to and been based in several international locations from which they have gained an understanding and empathy for the needs of internationally focused clients operating from their home territory.

Underpinning the Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC is our prevailing mantra – ‘Direct, Open and straightforward’; this philosophy is evident from the moment we engage with a new contact. The first thing we do is listen to understand what is required and from that point work towards finding the most suitable and appropriate solution to meet the specific objectives. At the same time we ensure that the solution meets all regulatory requirements, is cost effective and is commercially viable to all parties.

Financial Solutions

To achieve this we draw upon our broad international network of contacts working within the International Banking, Investment and Offshore Trust and Company formation sectors. Additionally we also work very closely with International Pension providers, Global Insurance companies and International Tax planners.

Having brought together all of the components required to met a specific need the Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC continues to maintain and retain relationships with all parties to ensure that any future change in circumstances are catered for.

Although our work is very diverse we pride ourselves on finding workable solutions to meet specific needs. Further we aim to deliver solutions and remedies, without any fuss, as quickly as we can, overcoming the inherent challenges of working across several time zones and with international markets to achieve this.

Ultimately Our Target is to Create Solutions That Achieve:

Tax free asset accumulation and protection in safe and secure environments

Mitigation against unnecessary taxation

Legacy and succession planning

Our varied activity within the international markets also enables us to create diverse branded products and this is demonstrated by the ‘Commercialization of Identity Plan’ and the ‘International Savings Plan’.

The ‘Commercialization of Identity Plan’ was developed following a demand for a robust and legal solution by international sports people and celebrities to ensure that the earnings from their image rights companies are protected in a safe and secure environment.

Financial Solutions

Because of our experience working with international sports people, celebrities and global brands, over many years a deep understanding of this unique and complex area of business planning has been built up and so together with our Image Rights specialist partner Intas, we established the ‘Commercialization of Identity Plan’ which incorporates an offshore international pension plan.

Offshore International Pension Plans are tax efficient, robust structures which provide asset protection whilst also allowing for the assets to be invested into a range of investment asset classes including stocks and shares, collective investments and property.

Offshore International Pension Plans are established in highly regulated offshore jurisdictions including the Isle of Man and Hong Kong.

As a result the ‘Commercialization of Identity Plan’ structure is tax efficient, ensures that the image rights earnings are protected and complies with local legislation.

The International Savings Plan

Another example of the solutions that the Worldwide Savings Solutions PCC has developed is ‘The International Savings Plan’ which was established following an ever increasing demand from the international financial intermediary community for a savings vehicle that accepted lump sums, regular contributions that could be increased and decreased, allowed for contribution holidays, that was open-ended, allowed for partial and full withdrawals without penalty, and provided access to globally recognised fund managers.

The ‘International Sales Plan’ is available to individuals and also to groups including employers.

For many multi-national employers there is a desire to replicate the employee benefits offered to their ‘home office’ employees throughout their global operation but this is not always possible.

Very often this is because some jurisdictions do not have the regulatory frameworks in place to achieve this. Additionally many employers have difficulty finding a solution for their internationally mobile staff.

Hence by establishing an ‘International Sales Plan’ the employer can provide a workable and suitable solution to meet their obligations.